It was once the norm that the extended family unit cared for our elderly, but a fast paced modern world combined with medical advances extending the average lifespan, means that more and more families make the difficult decision to place their elderly in a residential setting.

The types of care are included below

Long term care: This allows all residents secure and comfortable living in a professional managed setting for a an extended period of time. Our aim is to make their experience as near to their own home setting as possible.

Convalescent/Rehabilitation Care: This assists individuals with recuperation and recovery after surgery or serious illness. The average length of stay can vary from 2 to 6 weeks, which depends on the individual’s health status. Diet and rest are given the utmost attention to try and accelerate the healing process and when ready improve mobility for independence. We are approved by all private health care providers, which cover up to 14 days convalescent care.

Respite Care: The main aim to this is to provide support and rest to the caregivers who provide and excellent service in allowing our elderly to live at home independently. This ranges from 1 to 2 weeks and allows the caregivers peace of mind while taking a well earned break or holiday. Advanced booking is always advised due to a high demand.

Alzheimer’s Care: Providing care to a person with Alzheimer’s disease can take its toll on any person providing the care at home. At Kerlogue Nursing home, we believe that no matter how the disease effects an individual, it is important to treat he/she with dignity and respect. We understand that certain abilities will be lost, but our residents feelings remain with them and we are available to offer them care, companionship and a sense of belonging.

End of life Care: Here in Kerlogue Nursing home, our approach to end of life care is based upon the quality of life of residents and their families facing the problems associated with life threatening or terminal illness. The primary goal in our End of Life Care is the early detection, thorough assessment and early intervention in treating pain and other problems from a physical, psycho social and spiritual perspective. We liaise closely with Wexford Hospice home care, who visit on request from the General Practitioner and we cater for all spiritual persuasions in our community.


All the above care programmes are managed by a professional team 24 hours per day. We have the expertise, the commitment and the willingness to work along side all stakeholders within the sector to ensure that we can meet the increasingly complex care required for any person having to live within our nursing home.

There is a drug dispensing system in place that provides safety and accountability.