A new chapter, a new beginning…

If you are reading this guide chances are you that you’re thinking of moving to a nursing home or helping a relative or friend make the same decision. This guide was developed in collaboration with a number of experts from the older person community, including people just like you! Nursing Home owners and staff appreciate the significance of this important life decision and believe enlightening you of choices available and your rights will enable you to make the right decision for you or your relative. Home as you knew it will be very different. Living in a Nursing Home opens up a new world of opportunity. Your home life will embrace a new community of people with shared histories, perhaps familiar faces from your local community and an opportunity to meet new people, round the clock medical care and support, safety and security, expert care from dedicated staff trained and experienced in nurturing and providing care in your community. This guide aims to provide you with the advice and information you need, taking personal, practical and essential criteria into consideration:

  • Advice of your rights and choice available
  • Advice on how to find your ideal nursing home
  • A list of key older person contacts who can offer advice and support
  • A clear explanation of the Fair Deal scheme and what it offers.

Finding your new home

We suggest you think about the following when looking for a nursing home:

  • Ideal nursing home attributes
  • Quality of care
  • The atmosphere and religious outlook
  • Food and recreational activities offered
  • Special needs and preferences
  • Research the nursing homes in your area

…it’s your choice

Things to do

  • Ensure you or someone you trust visits your shortlist of nursing homes.
  • All good nursing homes will welcome your visit, we suggest that you:
  • Make an appointment initially
  • Make unplanned visits at other times to clarify any issues and ensure quality of
    care is consistent
  • Take a formal tour with the Director of Nursing
  • Ask questions –take a list with you
  • Look around and ask questions to get a better picture of the services, activities,
    and quality of care and life for the residents

Some questions to ask

  • Is the nursing home close to family and friends so they can visit?
  • Are there special arrangements to help residents who may become
    confused in the facility?
  • Are there security and monitoring systems in place to safeguard
    resident’s wellbeing?
  • Does the nursing home provide preventive care to maintain resident’s health?
  • Does the nursing home have a screening program for immunisations
    such as Flu (influenza) and pneumonia?
  • What are the arrangements for emergencies with nearby hospitals?

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